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Renewing your Youth

is our Bootcamp and Fitness Boxing Program.

Offering Meal plans, workouts, motivation, 

 1 on 1, Couple's coaching,  small groups and Corporate (lunch breaks)



includes Physical,  Spiritual,  Mental, Emotional and FINANCIAL fitness

1 ON 1, Couple's Coaching,  small groups and Corporate 

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Fitness

Robert & Gwendolyn Fleming

Hi, I'm Robert age 61, a former boxer and life long fitness fan. I'm Gwendolyn a 48 years youthful female body builder, life transformation strategist

And motivational speaker. We look forward to working with you and seeing you graduate our Fitness program in 3 months...

No worries, we wont put you out. We just expect you to be well on your way to understanding the main components of Fitness, your body type and how to eat good, look good and feel good ( not great, because no matter how we look, we will always want to look better).

Join our Fitness family. We will help you set a new healthy trend in your family, impacting generations to come.

Join either our 5FIT or Renewing Your Youth Program today. Your consultation  & body type survey is FREE.

 Your 1st class is $5.

We will show you how to rearrange your spending from junk food & fast food to Fitness, nutrition and has saved people money after joining with us.

Unless Couple's coaching, we work men with men and women with women.

Call to get a quote 


Take FREE Body Type Survey 

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